The Next Generation of Lottery Games.


Karma Gaming creates next-generation games for regulated lotteries and commercial operators. Our games combine the fun of casual and mobile games with the excitement of real-money wins, delivered cross-platform. In addition to industry-leading games, Karma offers research and analytics tools enabling lottery product and marketing teams to deepen their understanding of their customer.

  • Innovative

    We offer the most leading edge, customizable gaming concepts in the lottery space today.

  • Customizable

    We build each lottery’s individual needs into our product roadmaps by working directly with your marketing teams.

  • Entertaining

    We love fun games and want to share that with others. Building that fun is the single most important thing we do.

Want to play our games?

Our library of fun, innovative games is constantly growing and we want you to have the opportunity to play them. Along with the games, you’ll also have access to screenshots, videos and info on upcoming releases.

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